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I'm Freelance Front End Developer

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I'm In The Design Industry With 10 Years Of Experience.

UI & UX Designer

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  • Ngày sinh: 01-01-2000
  • Liên hệ: +84 22332244
  • Thành phố: HCM city
  • Chứng chỉ: Master
  • Email:
  • Freelance: Avaliable

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Kinh Nghiệm

Diploma In UI UX Design

Diploma In UI/UX Design

Diploma In UI/UX Design

Diploma In UI/UX Design

Kỹ năng

Reactjs 0%
MVC 1%
ASP.Net 1%
SQL 11%
Communication 11%
Javascripts 1%

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Can do overtime


Can self learning


Willing to join


Always positive thinking

Foreign Language

Can speak chinese, Spanish


Have good physical body